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Under the provisions in Katie’s Law, in-person driver license renewals in the State of Texas are required starting at age 79 and starting at age 85 in-person renewals are required every two years. The Texas Department of Public Safety requires a vision test for all in-person renewals under the current statute.

DPS also has the authority under the current statute to require a written test and a driving test of any Texas driver that is renewing their license who they feel may require greater scrutiny for driving certification to ensure that the individual can safely operate a motor vehicle.

We will keep you posted on our next call to action. Until then, please follow these basic tips if you have concerns about the driving abilities of an older driver.

Katie’s Law Signed by Governor Rick Perry – May 2007

  • Ask the older adult, who is having trouble with driving, to make an appointment for a full evaluation of his or her skills.
  • Discuss your concerns with other family members and friends.
  • If possible, consult with the older adult’s physician.
  • Help an older adult who is no longer safe to drive to find alternate means of transportation, such as buses, subways, taxicabs, community vans, and through family and friends.
  • If the older adult in question refuses to take action – contact the Department of Public Safety in your state and file a safety complaint. Many states including Texas will send a demand letter out to the individual requiring them to appear in person at a DPS office for evaluation.

For additional information on warning signs and helping an unsafe driver please link to this useful guide from HELPGUIDE.ORG.

Thank you again for all your support!

Rick, Johna, & Nina Bolka

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